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The Best Moving Checklist

Jan 10, 2020

No matter how well-organized you are, moving to another place makes life to turn on its head. So you need a little help to avoid distraction and stress. And this is why HaulPROZ brings you the best moving checklist, along with the timeline, on how to work methodically when moving.

Two Months before the Big Move

1.   Appoint a Mover: Look for reputable and affordable movers and hire one immediately,like HaulPROZ. Conduct a thorough background check and talk to the person who'll assist you in the process. Also make sure they are licensed and insured by verifying their DOT (Department of Transportation) number. Moving is not easy,do not hesitate to ask questions.

2.   Pay Attention:  Read your moving document carefully before signing anything. Do not get intimated by all the paperwork ahead or a detailed “terms & conditions” section.  

3.   Sort and Declutter: Go through every nook in your soon-to-be former house and decide what to purge and whether any item needs special packing or extra insurance coverage.

4.   Choose a New School: Search the best schools in the new area you’re moving to. Go to the current school and request for academic records/transcripts to be made.Inform about moving.

Six Weeks before the Big Move    

1.  Start Notifying Businesses: It is ideal to do it before a month or 6 weeks period. There are several parties that should be informed about your relocation, such as utility companies, current landlord,bank/credit card companies or any other department that interacts with your residential address.

2.  Collect Relevant Material: Order supplies or assemble free boxes and packages. Visit the local stationary shop for necessities such as bubble wrap, duct tapes, permanent marker or marking tapes for clear and detailed labeling. This ensures that the unpacking process is easier.  

3.  Measure: Get the dimensions right! Moving furniture is not easy until you ask help from HaulPROZ. Measure the rooms,stairways, doorways and elevators (if any) to make sure your furniture will fit through.

4.  However, if you have decided to buy a new set of furniture do it now.

Four Weeks before the Big Move

1.   Initiate the Packing: The time has arrived to make sure that all your ducks are in a row. Make a plan and start packing. Begin with things that are seldom used such as the waffle iron or your grandmother’s china. Keep tagging.

2.   Officially Change Your Address: Go to local post office of your area and fill out change-of-address form. You can even do it online.

3.   Arrange For an Off From Work: Inform your workplace about the date of the move and that you’ll need a day or two days’ off for supervising purpose.

4.   Make separate folders for different documents- financial and legal records,receipts, passports and birth certificates, medical record or other important documents.

Two Weeks before the Big Move

1.   Plan a farewell meet-up with friends, relatives and colleagues.

2.   Double check all the moving details.

3.   Start with cleaning your old property; it’s unethical to leave the place messy and untidy.

One Day before the Big Move

1.   Defrost your refrigerator and clean up at least 24 hours before moving.

2.   Decide how to pay the moving company if you’ve hired one.

Have a successful, foolproof moving day!

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